মঙ্গলবার  । ২০ শ্রাবণ ১৪২৭। ৪ আগস্ট  ২০২০। ১৩ জিলহজ ১৪৪১

Passage Narration

জেএসসি প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজি

মো. মশিউর রহমান খান, সিনিয়র শিক্ষক, ন্যাশনাল আইডিয়াল স্কুল অ্যান্ড কলেজ, বনশ্রী ক্যাম্পাস, ঢাকা

৭ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৮ ০০:০০ | পড়া যাবে ৫ মিনিটে

জেএসসি প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজি

Rewrite the following passage changing the form of speech. (Change the narrative style of the following text)

1. The police officer said to Mita, “How can I help you?” Mita replied, “While I was coming home alone by a taxi last night, two snatchers rode into my taxi.” “Did they snatch anything from you?” “Yes sir, they took away my cell phone and some money,” said Mita. “Let me record a complaint,” said the police officer.

2. “What’s your programme after the examination?” asked Hira. Mira said, “I’ve not decided. Can you suggest any?” “Let us go on a picnic,” said Hira. “What an excellent idea it is!” said Mira.

3. Rosamond said to her mother, “What is it, Mum? I didn’t want this black thing and the terrible smell.” Mother said, “I don’t know my dear.” Rosamond again said to her mother, “But what shall I do with it?” Mother said, “I can’t tell.” “Okay, Mum, I must pour it out and fill the jar with fresh water.”


4. The stranger said to the boy, “Can you tell me the way of the nearest hotel?” “Yes, sir. I can. Do you want a residential one in which you can spend the night?” said the boy. “l do not want to stay there but I only want a meal,” replied the man.

5. I said, “Hello rickshawpuller, will you go?” “Where?” said the rickshawpuller. “I want to go the railway station.” “I may go, if you pay me 200 taka,” said the rickshawpuller.

6. “May I come in, Sir?” said the guardian. “Yes, come in, please,” said the Headmaster. The guardian said, “We, all the guardians along with you must do something for the betterment of our children. They are losing their morality”. The Headmaster said, “Let‘s plan something for their betterment.”


Answers :

1. The police officer asked Mita how he could help her. Mita replied that while she had been coming home alone by a taxi the previous night, two snatchers had ridden into her taxi. The police officer asked if they had snatched anything from her. Mita respectfully replied in the affirmative that they had taken away her cell phone and -some money. The police officer proposed that he might be allowed to record a complaint.

2. Hira asked Mira what her (M) programme was after the examination. Mira replied that she (M) had not decided. She asked Hira if she (H) could suggest any. Hira proposed to go on a picnic. Mira said astonishingly that it was an excellent idea.

3. Rosamond asked her mother what that was. She (R) said that she (R) hadn’t wanted that black thing and the terrible smell. Mother said that she (mother) didn’t know. Rosamond again asked her mother what she (R) would do with that. Mother said that she (mother) could not tell. Rosamond told her mother okey and added that she (R) had to pour that out and all the jar with fresh water.

4. The stranger asked the boy if he (b) could tell him (st) the way of the nearest hotel. The boy respectfully replied in the affirmative that he (b) could. He (b) asked him (st) if he (st) wanted a residential one in which he (st) could spend the night. The stranger replied that he (st) did not want to stay there but he (st) only wanted a meal.

5. I called the rickshawpuller and asked him if he would go. The rickshawpuller asked me where I would go. I replied that I wanted to go to the railway station. The rickshawpuller said that he might go if I paid him 200 taka.

6. The guardian asked the Headmaster respectfully if he (g) might go in. The Headmaster replied in the affirmative and requested him (g) to go in. The guardian said that they all the guardians along with him had to do something for the betterment of their children, because they were losing their morality. The Headmaster proposed that they should plan something for their betterment.