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১৫ নভেম্বর, ২০১৭ ০০:০০


[গতকালের পর]

Read the text and answer the questions 5, 6, 7 & 8.

One night three thieves stole a lot of money from a rich man’s house. They put the money in a bag and went into a forest. They felt very hungry. There was no food in the forest. So one of them went to a nearby village to buy food. The other two remained in the forest to take care of the bag of money.

The thief that went for food had an evil idea. He ate his food at a hotel. Then he bought food for his two mates in the forest. He mixed a strong poison with the food. He thought, ‘Those two will eat this poisoned food and die. Then I will get all the money for myself and become rich.’ Meanwhile, the two wicked men in the forest decided to kill their mate on his return with food. They thought that they would then divide all the money between the two of them.

All the three wicked men carried out their cruel plans. The thief who wanted all the money for himself came to the forest with the poisoned food. The two men in the forest fell upon him and killed him. Then they ate the poisoned food and died. As a result no body could enjoy the money.


5. Write only the answer on the answer paper.            10×1=10

i. The passage is written in ___ tense.

a. present         b. past             c. future          d. all the above   

ii. what did the thieves use to steal?

a. Crops           b. money         c. gold d. diamond

iii. Where did the thieves go?

a. Desert          b. sea               c. forest           d. city

iv. How many thieves went to buy food?

a. One b. two              c. three             d. four

v. Where did one thief eat his food?

a. At a house    b. at a hotel      c. at a guest house        d. at a bar

vi. How was idea of the thief who went to buy food?

a. Good            b. positive        c. evil   d. fine

vii. Why did the thief want all the money?

a. to donate                              b. to help the poor                               c. to become rich                                 d. to kill people

viii. What did the thief mix with the food?

a. preservative             b. formalin       c. sleeping pill d. poison

ix. What did the two thieves want to do?

a. to kill the third thief             b. to flee with the money        

c. to hurt the thief                    d. to escape the thief

x. How many of the thieves died at last?

a. one               b. two              c. three                         d. none

Answers :

i.+ b.past          ii.+ b. money

iii.+ c. forest  iv.+ a. One

v.+ b. at a hotel  vi.+ c. evil    

vii.+ c. to become rich

viii.+ d. poison

ix.+ a. to kill the third thief

x. + c. three

6. Fill in the blanks with the given words. (There are two more words than necessary.)          5×1=5

forest, rich, poor, food, idea, among, between

a) The thieves stole some money from a ___ man’s house.

b) Stealing the money, the thieves went to a ___.

c) There was no ___ in the forest.

d) The thief who went to buy food had an evil ___.

e) The two thieves wanted to divide the money ___ them.

Answers :

a) rich b) forest c) food d) idea

e) between

7. Answer the following questions.      5×2=10

a) Where did the thieves put the money?

b) Where did one of the thieves go to buy food?

c) Why did the third thief had an evil idea?

d) What did the two thieves in the forest when third one went to buy food? 

e) Who got the money last of all?

Answers :

a) The thieves put the money in a bag.

b) One of the thieves went to a nearby village to buy food.

c) The thief had an evil idea in order to get all the money for himself.

d) The two thieves in the forest planned to kill who went to buy food.

e) Last of all, none remains to get the money.

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