এইচএসসি প্রস্তুতি : ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র


মো. জাকারিয়া আলম,প্রভাষক,ঢাকা রেসিডেনসিয়াল মডেল কলেজ,মোহাম্মদপুর, ঢাকা   

১৬ মার্চ, ২০১৭ ০০:০০

1.         "I came to Dhaka this morning. I sent you a telegram before starting from home," He said. "Did you receive it in time?" He asked. "No, I did not receive it," I replied.

2.         Sakib said to his English teacher, "Sir, I want to improve my English. How can I do that? Can you help me?" "Don't worry, I will help you," said the teacher. "Thank you, sir," said Sakib. "Give emphasis on all the four skills of language namely listening, speaking, reading and writing," said the teacher.

3.         "I have missed my plane," Tafhim said to a woman, "What shall I do now?" "Go to the desk marked Enquires," the woman said. "Flight TW 226 has left," the man in the Enquires said. "But your ticket is for flight BA 179."

4.         "How are you, Today?" I said to Sumon. "I am very nervous for the coming exam," Sumon replied. "Haven't you taken enough preparation for this?" I said to him again. "Yes, I have but I am in a fix. Let me read now," said Sumon

5.         "Don't mix with bad boys." My father said to me, "You should read attentively as your examination is knocking at the door." I replied, "No, I don't keep with any bad company. I have just asked him if he knows the date of examination."

6.         "Will you come to my house tomorrow?" I asked the boy. "We can discuss terms and conditions then," I said. "I shall be happy to meet you at your house. Thank you so much," he replied. "I shall try my best to meet you."



1.         He said to me that he had come to Dhaka that morning. He also said that he had sent a telegram before starting from home. He then asked me if I had received that in time. I replied in the negative and told that I had not received that.

2.         Sakib respectfully told his English teacher that he wanted to improve his English. He (S) then asked him how he could do that. He (S) further asked if he could help him. The teacher told him not to worry and he would help him. Sakib respectfully thanked him. The teacher advised him to give emphasis on all the four skills of language namely listening, speaking, reading and writing.

3.         Tafhim told a woman that he had missed his plan. He then asked her what he should do then. The woman advised him to go to the desk marked 'Enquiry' The man in the Enquiry said that flight TW226 had left but his ticket was for flight BA 179.

4.         I asked Sumon how he (S) was that day. Sumon replied that he (S) was very nervous for the coming examination. I again asked him if he (S) had not taken enough preparation for that. Sumon again replied in the affirmative that he had but he was in a fix and requested that he might read then

5.         My father advised me not to mix with bad boys. Then he told me that I should read attentively as my examination was knocking at the door. I did not agree with him and said that I did not keep with any bad company. I had just asked him if he knew the date of examination.

6.         I asked the boy if he would go to my house the next day. Then I told him that we could discuss terms and conditions then. He replied that he would be very happy to meet me at my house. He also thanked me very much. He added that he would try his best to meet me.