এইচএসসি প্রস্তুতি : ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

Sentence Connectors

মো: জাকারিয়া আলম, প্রভাষক, ঢাকা রেসিডেনসিয়াল মডেল কলেজ, মোহাম্মদপুর, ঢাকা   

১৬ ফেব্রুয়ারি, ২০১৭ ০০:০০

এইচএসসি প্রস্তুতি : ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

1. Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. (a) , her economy and prosperity depend on agriculture. (b) , our agriculture depends on the mercy of nature. (c) , if there is sufficient rain, people can plough their lands and sow seeds in time. (d) , they can reap a good harvest. (e)  if it does not rain in time, the farmers cannot grow the crops easily and they do not have good harvest. (f) , without water our agriculture is lifeless. The rain is not always beneficial to our agriculture (g) —, sometimes it rains so much that it causes floods. (h) —, our crops go under water and most often, they are totally destroyed. (i) , the farmers who constitute the most part of our professional people, lose everything. (j) , we can safely conclude that our economy depends on rain.
2. Deforestation means cutting down trees or destruction of trees at random. (a) — it endangers our life. There are many factors behind this destruction. (b) — our population is increasing by leaps and bounds. (c) — there is excessive pressure on land. (d) — our carelessness is mainly responsible for this destruction. (e) — the additional population requires more land for settlement and agricultural cultivation. (f) — with the increase of population infrastructure facilities are getting increased. (g) — land areas are decreasing and land for trees and forests are getting decreased day by day. (h) — people are destroying trees for cooking food, making brick and melting pitch etc. (i) — deforestation causes increase of carbon dioxide, global warming and ecological imbalance. (j) — there are natural disasters including flood, cyclone, tidal surge etc.
3. Drug addiction is a curse in modern age. (a) —, it is the habit of using un-prescribed medicine for exciting feelings. (b) —, drug addiction is found among the young generation. (c) —, it has engulfed the whole nation. (d) —, people of all ages have fallen victim to this dangerous diseases. (e) — drugs create some kind of dream-like feelings, the drug takers forget everything for the time being. (f) —, the influence of drugs also causes long sleep to the drug addicts. (g) —, the after effects of drug addiction are many. (h) —, it is harmful not only to the addicts but also to the whole society. (i) — drug taking is a diseases, there should be given treatment to cure the addicts. (j) —, parents and responsible authorities should be more alert to cure drug addiction.
4. Students have certain duties towards the country, (a) —, they must contribute to the eradication of illiteracy. During the vacation they can go to villages and teach the illiteracy people. (b) —, they can make a literate nation and ensure a considerable development. (c) —, the students have to create awareness among the common people about the basic rules of health and sanitation. (d) —, it will have an enormous effect on the overall development of the country. (e) —, the students should teach the illiterate farmers about the scientific methods of cultivation. (f) —, they should take part in voluntary service during the crisis periods of a country. (g) —, the students should prepare themselves as the future leaders of the country. They must be serious in this matter. (h) —, they will fail to prepare themselves. (i) —, the country will not see the light of development. (j) —, the students are the most vital element of a country and their development means the development of the country.
5. Time and tide wait for none (a)  no one can stop the march of time. (b)  we should not waste a single moment in vain (c)  we should make the proper use of very single moment of our life. (d)  the students should understand the value of time. Some students pass away their valuable time in Face book. (e)  they kill their time (f)  they cannot prepare their lessons well. (g)  they always have a poor preparation for the exam. (h)  they cannot do well in the exam. (i)  they don’t stop wasting time (j)  they continue to waste their time using Face book till it is too late for them.

1. (a) so;  (b) again/but;   
(c) hence; (d) as a result;   
(e)  but/ on the other hand;  
(f) true that/ in fact;  (g) for example/for instance;   
(h) that is why/ as a result;  
(i) consequently;  (j) therefore
2. (a) as a result/consequently;  
(b) firstly;   (c) as a result;
(d) but;   (e) true that;  
(f) at the same time;  
(g) consequently;   (h) moreover;  
(i) but; (j) consequently  
3. (a) in fact;  (b) however;   
(c) at present; (d) moreover/ and;   
(e)  as;  (f) at the same time;  
(g) besides;   (h) in fact;  (i) as;  
(j) above all
3. (a) firstly;  (b) thus;   (c) secondly;
(d) because;   (e) at  the same time;  
(f) thirdly;  (g) finally;   (h) otherwise;  
(i) consequently;  (j) so  
4. (a) that is why/truly;  (b) so;   
(c) rather/instead; (d) specially;   
(e)  virtually/as a matter of fact;  
(f) consequently;  (g) therefore;   
(h) as a result/ consequently;  
(i) yet;  (j) rather