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২৩ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৬ ০০:০০

Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Folk songs are sung in the traditional style of a community or country. Here the traditional style includes the themes, words and tunes of the songs that have existed for a long time among the common people. We have a rich history and collection of folk songs in Bangladesh. Of them Palligiti, Bahtiali, Bhawaiya, Jari, Sari, Gambhira, Lalongiti, Palagan and songs of Hason Raja are very popular. The traditional musical instruments are usually played with these songs.

1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.

a.The style of folk songs is¾

(i) recent (ii) modern

(iii) ancient (iv) existing for long

b. ¾ style has been exposed in the folk songs.

(i) Old (ii) Today's (iii) Traditional (iv) Ancient

c.The tunes and words of folk songs are ¾

(i) new (ii) unknown (iii) traditional (iv) known

d. ¾ people are related with folk songs ¾

(i) Aristocratic (ii) Ordinary

(iii) High ranking (iv) Important

e. Folk songs have existed in our country for ¾ (i) many years (ii) several years (iii) a short time (iv) a decade

f. Palligit and Bhatiali are  ¾

(i) liked by very few people

(ii) disliked by many people

(iii) liked by many people

(iv) disliked by few people

g. Our collection of folk songs is ¾

(i) rich (ii) poor (iii) small (iv) meagre

h. Folk songs represent ¾

(i) ethnic community (ii) common people

(iii) rich people            (iv) poor people

i. The themes, tunes and words of folk songs belong to ¾

(i) new style (ii) old style

(iii) modern style (iv) traditional style

j. The songs of Hasan Raja and Palagan are ¾

(i) abnormally popular (ii) extremely unpopular (iii) extremely popular (iv) enormously unpopular

k. Folk songs tell the traditional style of a ¾

(i) region or area (ii) an area of a country

(iii) a country or a continent (iv) a country or a community

l. Folk songs are played with ¾

(i) modern instruments (ii) traditional musical instruments (iii) foreign musical instruments

(iv) local instruments

m. 'Folk songs are very popular' means ¾

(i) many people like these songs (ii) few people like these songs (iii) many people dislike these songs (iv) all kinds of people like these songs

n. How many kinds of folk songs have been mentioned here?

(i) ten (ii) eleven (iii) eight (iv) nine

o. Who have retained the tradition of folk songs? (i) rich people (ii) poor people (iii) aristocratic people (iv) common people


Answers :

1. a-iv, b-iii, c-iii, d-ii,  e-a, f-iii, g-I, h-ii, i-iv,

j-iii, k-iv, l-ii, m-i, n-iv, o-iv