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পঞ্চম শ্রেণি : English

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পঞ্চম শ্রেণি : English

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English Model Questions


Lessons (1-2)


Read the passage and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Sima is at home today. She didn’t go to school today because she is ill. She has a cough and a sore throat. She also feels very warm because she has a fever. She has the flue. The doctor visited Sima last night. She needs some medicine. He also told her what to do in order to get well soon.

The doctor’s advice :

Eat food that gives your body energy. Try to eat, even you aren’t hungry. You need to be strong.

Rest! Stay at home. Don’t go to school or work.

Drink a lot of water or juice. They are better than soft drinks.

Are you coughing or sneezing? Cover your mouth and nose! Use a tissue, not your hand. Wash your hands regularly. Use your own plate, glass and cup. Other people can catch your illness from these things.

1. Match the words of column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B.    1×5=5

Or, fill in the blanks with the best word from the box. There are extra words which you do not need to use.

a)         Sima is at home ___ .

b)         She has a cough and a sore ___ .

c)         Try to eat, even if you aren’t --------.

d)         Drink a lot of water or -___.

e) ____ you coughing or Sneezing?


2.         Write true in your answer script if the statement is true, write false if the statement is false. 1×6=6

a)         Sima didn’t go to school because she wanted to stay at home.

b)         Sima is ill.

c)         The doctor didn’t visit Sima last night.

d)         The doctor told Sima to go to school.

e)         Sima needs some medicine.

f)         Sima and her brother should use the same cup and glass.


3.         Answer the following questions :         2×6=12


a)         Why does Sima feel very warm?

b)         Who visited Sima last night?

c)         Write two sentences about the doctor’s advice.

d)         Why is Sima at home today?

e)         They are better than soft drinks .What do you mean by the underlined word ‘they’?

f)         What should you do while coughing or sneezing?


4.         Write a short composition about ‘Sima’s illnes’. [Write at least five sentences to the topic, remember to use capital letters, punctuation, correct spelling and sentence structure] 10

Read the text and answer the questions no. 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Meena has a parrot called Mithu. She has a younger brother named Raju. One day Meena climed a tall tree and picked a mango. She took it to her mother. Her mother gave the largest share of the fruit to Raju. So Meena became upset. Raju, as a boy child, gets more facilities in the family. But Mithu does not like this. At dinner, Meena noticed that Raju as usual had got an egg but she did not. Mithu noticed this and disappointed. While they were outside washing their hands, Mithu divided the egg into two and put a half on Meena’s plate.

5.         Write one of the words that completes each sentence. There are three extra words which you do not need to use.     


a)         Boys and girls should be given ___ facilities.

b)         Unequal treat made Mithu ___.

c)         Mithu ___ Meena very much.

d)         Raju got an egg ___.

e)         Meena got the __ part of the mango.


6.         Write true in your answer script if the statement is true, write false if the statement is false.   1×6=6

a)         Meena has a parrot called Mini.

b)         Meena climbed a tall mango tree.

c)         Raju got an egg at dinner.

d)         Raju got the smaller share of the mango.

e)         Meena became unhappy.

f)         They ate their dinner without washing hands.

7.         Answer the following questions in a sentence or sentences.    2×5=10


a)         Who is Raju?

b)         What is the name of the parrot of Meena?

c)         What did Meena’s mother do with the mango?

d)         Why did they go outside?

e)         Why didn’t Meena get an egg as usual?

8.         Suppose, you are Rafid/Rafia. You live in Naogaon, your friend Rivi/Rini lives in Pabna. Now write a letter to your friend about the unequal treat in the story of Meena. 10


9.         Make five WH questions from the given statements by using who, what, when, where, why, which and how with the underlined word’s.     2×5=10

a)         The doctor visited Sima last night.

b)         Rija gets up early in the morning.

c)         Sima is ill.

d)         There are candles on the cake.

e)         He is going to the school.


10. Read the directions about the toilet. Then answer the questions : 1+2+3=6

Questions :

a)         What do you need to keep the latrine clean?

b)         Why should you put on sandals before entering latrine?

c)         What would you ask your friend to do to keep the latrine clean?

11.       A cricket team learns different skills with a coach. Write five sentences on the five days of training beginning from Monday.            5


 Routine of Trainning

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