বুধবার । ৭ আশ্বিন ১৪২৮। ২২ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২১। ১৪ সফর ১৪৪৩

এসএসসি প্রস্তুতি : ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

সুমন ভূইয়া, সহকারী শিক্ষক, সামসুল হক খান স্কুল অ্যান্ড কলেজ, ডেমরা, ঢাকা

২৮ জুলাই, ২০২১ ০০:০০ | পড়া যাবে ৮ মিনিটে

এসএসসি প্রস্তুতি : ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

Shitalakshya River

G r a m m a r

Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

1.         Bangladesh is a land (a) _ rivers. But nowadays the rivers are drying (b) _. So, irrigation is an urgent necessity for our country now. (c) _ rivers carry silt which makes the (d) _ fertile to grow crops. (e) _, they supply us with plenty of fishes. (f) _ the dry season, we irrigate river water (g) _ the land. At present, the lack (h) _ water causes bad harvest. We can easily understand (i) _ use and utility of the rivers in our life and (j) _.

2.         Today women play an important role (a) _ all spheres of life. They are no longer within the four walls (b) _ their home. They have come out of (c) _ kitchens and are working with men in all (d) _ development programmes of the government. Many (e) _ have received higher education and are working (f) _ doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators, judges etc. (g) _ have been able to prove their worth. However, (h) _ still face gender discrimination. (i) _ girls are married off at an early age. Many never go (j) _ school.

3.         Modern civilization is the (a) _ of science. Science has worked (b) _ a magician in the world. We can’t do even a (c) _ day without the help of science. Many quick means (d) _ communication like telephone, telex, fax, telegram, satellite etc. are (e) _ greatest wonders of science. Nowadays a message can be sent from one corner of the world to another in the twinkle of (f) _ eye. Science has brought a revolutionary (g) _ in all fields. In the field of medical science (h) _ has got eyes lame has got legs, deaf has got hearing power, (i) _ diseases which were incurable in the past are now easily (j) _.

4.         If (a) _ destroy forests and cut down trees, (b) _ effects might eventually harm us all. If forests turn (c) _ deserts, what will control carbon dioxide? Then the (d) _ pattern will change and the world will become (e) _. This is called (f) _ greenhouse effect. As (g) _ result of this effect (h) _ polar ice caps will melt and (i) _ will cause the flood of huge areas (j) _ the globe.

5.         Sincerity is (a) _ best way of achieving success. One can go (b) _ long way if one does anything with sincerity. People who are sincere (c) _ their work are capable of making anything success. (d) _ great men are also sincere because they know that sincerity is (e) _ key to success. Those who are not sincere can never go (f) _ long way in the world. The poor people are not always sincere, because (g) _ do not know the importance of sincerity. If they knew it, they would make a good use (h) _ it. Sincerity means not only to do work properly, but also with dutifulness, honesty, modesty and good behaviour. The people (i) _ our country are not still aware of (j) _ importance of sincerity.

6.         The National Memorial at Savar is (a) _ symbol of the nation’s respect for the (b) _ of the War of Liberation. It (c) _ built with concrete, but made of blood. It (d) _ 150 feet tall, but every martyr is stands for, so much taller that it is an achievement (e) _ dimensions of which can be measured, but it stands for an (f) _ which is immeasurable. It stands upright for millions of martyrs (g) _ laid down their lives so that we may stand (h) _ in honour and dignity, amongst the (i) _ of the world. Most prominently visible is the 150 feet tower that stands (j) _ a base measuring 130 feet wide.

7.         E-mail has brought about (a) _ revolution in modern communication. Messages can be transmitted (b) _ one country to another within (c) _ few seconds. It is far cheaper than telephone calls. Trade (d) _ commerce has become greatly dependent (e) _ this speedy mode of communication. It has, however, not reached everyone, specially (f) _ developing countries like ours, as most (g) _ the people cannot afford to have (h) _ personal computer. But most (i) _ the people have started using commercially operated e-mail (j) _ important purposes.

8.         A large number (a) _ people speak English all over (b) _ world. Some people use it as a first (c) _ and some people take it as (d) _ second language. Many international organisations now depend (e) _ English to communicate with offices (f) _ different countries. Their advertisements published (g) _ different dailies are always in English. They also want people who possess (h) _ good working knowledge (i) _ English. People seeking employment cannot expect to get good jobs (j) _ learning English.

9.         Air and water are two (a) _ elements of the environment. These elements are essential (b) _ life on earth. They are often polluted (c) _ many ways. Air is polluted by smoke and water (d) _ different kinds of waste and filth. If we want to live (e) _ healthy life, we should prevent (f) _ pollution of the environment. (g) _ prevention may be difficult but (h) _ can certainly reduce pollution (i) _ raising awareness among (j) _ people.


1.         (a) of    (b) up

            (c) The (d) land

            (e) Besides  (f) During (g) to    (h) of

            (i) the   (j) economy. 

2.         (a) in    (b) of

            (c) their            (d) the

            (e) women       (f) as

            (g) They           (h) women (i) Many     (j) to.

3.         (a) gift/product

            (b) as   (c) single (d) of            (e) the

            (f) an    (g) change (h) blind     (i) The

            (j) cured/curable.

4.         (a) people        (b) the

            (c) into             (d) weather (e) warm   (f) the

            (g) a     (h) the

            (i) this (j) of.

5.         (a) the (b) a

            (c) to    (d) The

            (e) the (f) a

            (g) they            (h) of

            (i) of    (j) the.

6.         (a) a     (b) martyrs (c) is          (d) is

            (e) the   (f) achievement

            (g) who            (h) upright (i) nation/countries

            (j) on.

7.         (a) a     (b) from

            (c) a     (d) and

            (e) on   (f) in

            (g) of   (h) a

            (i) of    (j) for.

8.         (a) of    (b) the

            (c) language    

            (d) a     (e) on

            (f) in    (g) in

            (h) a     (i) of

            (j) without.

9.         (a) important    (b) for (c) in     (d) by   (e) a     (f) the

            (g) Total           (h) we

            (i) by    (j) the.

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