মঙ্গলবার । ৬ আশ্বিন ১৪২৮। ২১ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২১। ১৩ সফর ১৪৪৩

G r a m m a r

নবম-দশম শ্রেণি - ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

আক্তার জাহান সুমি, সহকারী শিক্ষক (ইংরেজি) আইডিয়াল স্কুল এন্ড কলেজ, মতিঝিল, ঢাকা

২৪ জুলাই, ২০২১ ০০:০০ | পড়া যাবে ৫ মিনিটে

নবম-দশম শ্রেণি - ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

Suffix and Prefix


1.            Bangladesh is a a) river and b) agriculture country. So, we cannot ignore the c) important  of rivers. Our agriculture is largely d) depend on the rivers. But we get e) sufficient water for use from the rivers. There are f) differ reasons behind it. At first the water of many rivers g) dry up in Summer. Again, the water of some rivers is h) extreme poisonous. This i) poison water is j) suit for our k) agricultural. So, water l) pollute should be m) prevent at any cost for the n) better of our agriculture.


2.            In ancient time, textbook was the most a) resource thing for the students. b) Teach were the only guides and source of c) inform . The students had to d) collection all the information from the lecture of their teachers. There was no guidebook or other e) refer books in the market. During that period, a teacher had to f) delivery a lecture by g) study the textbook. Because of the h) situate the students used to i) dependant on the teachers j) complete. As a result, there was a great k) relate between a teacher and a l) study. Their m) popular existed among the students in the n) social.


3.            Success in life depends on the proper a) utilise of time. Those who waste their b) value time in c) idle, reduce the time of their d) importance work. e) Punctual is another great virtue of human beings that f) rich the g) man life. If one takes lesson from the h) biography of i) success persons, one will learn that they never kept any work j) do for the next day. k) Obvious, they were l) truth to their words. So, they got a m) respect position in the n) social.


4.            The aim of a) educated is to make a man fully equipped to be b) use to himself and to c) social. A d) true educated person should be self- reliant with regard to his e) person needs. He should be well –mannered, f) thought, sympathetic and g) co-operation. He should be h) truth, honest, i) punctuality and j) duty. Punctuality is a virtue that makes a nation k) prosper. An educated person tries to l) move the sufferings of his countrymen. He also helps others in m) attain n) self- reliant.


5.            Money cannot buy a) happy. Money is a must for our life. But it is not b) necessity to bring c)  happy. Happiness is d) absolute a e) psychology thing. It is the name of a f) feel. It means the g) content of the mind. He who has h) satisfy with what he has is i) real a happy one. Above all, we should j) kept in mind that k) world happiness is not all. If we want to be l) eternal happy and lead a m) dignify life, we have to earn money in an n) honesty way.




1.            a) riverine

                b) agricultural

                c) importance

                d) dependent

                e) insufficient

                f) different

                g) dries  h) extremely 

                i) poisonous

                j) unsuitable

                k) agriculture

                l) pollution

                m) prevented 

                n) betterment


2.            a) resourceful

                b) Teachers

                c)  information

                d) collect  e) reference  f) deliver  g) studying h) situation  i) depend

                j) completely 

                k) relation l) student

                m) popularity n) society


3.            a) utilisation

                b) valuable

                c) idleness

                d) important

                e) Punctuality 

                f) enriches          g) human     

                h) biographies 

                i) successful 

                j) undone k) obviously  l) true  m) respectable  n) society.


4.            a) education      b) useful  c) society                       d) truly 

                e) personal 

                f) thoughtful  

                g) co-operative                                       h) truthful    i) punctual   j)  dutiful  

                k) prosperous  

                l)  remove 

                m) attaining 

                n) self-reliance.


5.            a) happiness

                b) necessary 

                c) happiness 

                d) absolutely 

                e) psychological  

                f) feeling                                            g) contentment  

                h) satisfaction 

                i) really                                j) keep 

                k) worldly 

                l) eternally

                m)  dignified  

                n) honest.

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