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P a s s a g e  N a r r a t i o n

Change the following passage into indirect speech.


[পূর্ব প্রকাশের পর]

21.                   Safwat asked his mother, ‘Are you going to New Market?’ ‘No, but I shall go shopping there after visiting your aunt,’ answered Mrs Khairul Haq. ‘Please buy me a new shirt,’ he pleaded.


22.       ‘Will you come to my house tomorrow?’ I asked the boy. ‘We can discuss terms and conditions then,’ I said. ‘I shall be very happy to meet you at your house. Thank you so much,’ he replied.


23.                   Kaniz said to her English teacher, ‘Sir, I want to improve my English. How can I do that?’ ‘Don’t worry. I will help you,’ said the teacher.


24.                   ‘Niloy, can you tell me what I am teaching?’ the teacher asked. ‘I am sorry, I cannot follow,’ replied Niloy, ‘You cannot, because you are not attentive,’ the teacher.

25.                   Rahim said to Hamid, ‘How are you? I went to your hostel yesterday, but did not find you. Where did you go?’ ‘I went to the station,’ said Hamid, ‘I had to receive my maternal uncle there.’



21.                   Safwat asked his mother if she was going to New Market. Mrs Khairul Haq replied in the negative and said that she would however go shopping there after visiting his (S) aunt. He then pleaded her to buy him a new shirt.


22.                   I asked the boy if he would go to my house the next day and told him that we could discuss terms and conditions then. He replied that he would be very happy to meet me at my house and thanked me very much.


23.                   Kaniz told her English teacher respectfully that she wanted to improve her English. She also asked him how she could do that. The teacher advised her not to worry. He also assured her that he would help her.


24.                   The teacher asked Niloy if he (N) could tell him(t) what he(t) was teaching. Niloy apologized and replied that he (N) could not follow. The teacher told him (N) that he (N) could not because he (N) was not attentive.


25.       Changing the form of speech.

            Rahim asked Hamid how he (H) was and said that he had gone to his (H) hostel the previous day but hadn’t found him (H). He also asked Hamid where he (H) had gone. Hamid replied that he (H) had gone to the station and added that he (H) had to receive his maternal uncle there.

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