শুক্রবার । ৩০ শ্রাবণ ১৪২৭। ১৪ আগস্ট ২০২০ । ২৩ জিলহজ ১৪৪১

অষ্টম শ্রেণি


মো. মশিউর রহমান খান, সিনিয়র শিক্ষক, ন্যাশনাল আইডিয়াল স্কুল অ্যান্ড কলেজ, বনশ্রী ক্যাম্পাস, রামপুরা, ঢাকা

১৩ জুলাই, ২০২০ ০০:০০ | পড়া যাবে ৬ মিনিটে


Reading Test

Seen Passage

Read the text and answer questions 1 and 2.

The word ‘hygiene’ means the practice of keeping ourselves clean. It also means to keep our home and work places clean. It is important for our good health.

Hygiene is thought to be next to godliness. It is because we cannot achieve anything physically, mentally or spiritually if we are unclean in our body, mind and soul. Nobody likes an unclean person either. So we must follow the rules of hygiene.

First, we must keep our body clean. We should have a bath everyday and wash our hair regularly. This will keep the body and hair free from dirt and bacteria.

Secondly, we should wash our clothes regularly. Dirty clothes give off bad smell and invite germs. We should wear socks and shoes when we go out to protect our feet from dust and germs. It is also important to wash hands before meals and after using the toilet. We should brush our teeth twice a day, after breakfast and supper. We must also cut our nails regularly. Our drinking water must be safe. We can get safe water by boiling and filtering.

Finally, we should keep our surroundings and environment clean. If we do and follow all the above things properly, we will be able to lead a healthy and happy life.

1. Choose the correct answer to each question from the alternatives given and write the corresponding number of the answers in your answer script.                              1×7 = 7

(a)      The word ‘hygiene’ denotes ¾ .

          i. cheerfulness      ii. sanitation        

          iii. happiness        iv. faithfulness

(b)     We  ¾  to keep our body clean.

          i. bath          ii. take exercise   

          iii. bathe     iv. sleep

(c)      Which of the following words does not match with important?

          i. ordinary   ii. vital                  iii. essential          iv. necessary

(d)     Give of means ¾ .

          i. contain    ii. retain                iii. grow      iv. emit

(e)      Which of the following information is correct?

          i. For godliness practice of hygiene is superfluous

          ii. Socks and shoes are used against dust and germs

          iii. We should brush our teeth before breakfast and supper

          iv. Putting on dirty clothes is acceptable

(f)      Nobody entertains ¾ .

          i. a healthy man         

          ii. an unclean person

          iii. a man wearing clothes      

          iv. an idle person

(g)     The text is about ¾ .

          i. clothes     ii. work places

          iii. pollution                            

          iv. cleanliness and its importance


2. Answer the following questions from your reading of the above text.                         2×4=8

(a) What can be a hotbed of germs?

(b) Why is hygiene necessary?

(c) How can we lead a happy and healthy life?

(d) What is good health?


3. Read the following text and fill in the gaps with contextually appropriate words.                                                           1×5 = 5

There is a small village called Bhabanipur in Jhenaidah. It is a (a) ¾ Bangladeshi village. People (b) ¾ here spend their day-to-day life mostly (c) ¾ in the field and (d) ¾ small jobs. In this ordinary village, there lives an (e) ¾ woman named Shamima Akter.


Unseen Passage

Read the following text and answer questions 4 and 5.

National Professor Dr Mohammad Ibrahim, physician, teacher, organizer was born in Murshidabad, India 31 December 1911. He spent major part of his life in the Government Health Services in 12 different key positions after getting MBBS degree in 1938. He received MRCP in 1949. He was made FCCP in 1950. He founded the Diabetic Association in Dhaka in 1956. He also founded its branches in Karachi and Lahore, West Pakistan in 1964. He established BIRDEM in 1980. In recognition to his contribution in the health and social sectors, he was awarded numerous prizes, medals by different organizations. Some of such awards are Independence Day Gold Medal (1974), Mahbub Ali Khan Memorial Trust (1985), Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah Memorial Trust (1989). He died on 6 September 1989.

4. Complete the table below. Write no more than three words and/or numbers for each answer.                                       1×5 = 5

Who/ What Event/ Activities Where/ Place When
Dr Ibrahim born Murshidabad, India (i) ___
He (ii) ___   1949
He founded the Diabetic Association (iii) ___ 1956
(iv) ___ was established Dhaka 1980
He v) ___   1974

5. Read the passage again and write, whether the statements are true or false. Give correct answer, if the statement is false.                                                                       1×5 = 5

(a) The Diabetic Association was founded in Pakistan period.

(b) Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim was titled National Professor.

(c) BIRDEM was established after the independence of Bangladesh.

(d) His contribution in health sector is of little importance.

(e) He was born in Pakistan.



1.       (a) ii. sanitation (b) iii. bathe (c) i. ordinary (d) iv. emit (e) i. for godliness practice of hygiene is superfluous (f) ii. an unclean person (g) iv. cleanliness and its importance


2.       (a) Dirty clothes can be a hotbed of germs.

          (b) Hygiene is necessary to lead a healthy and happy life.

          (c) We can lead a happy and healthy life by keeping ourselves, our home and work places clean.

          (d) Good health refers to keeping oneself physically, mentally or spiritually healthy.


3.       (a) typical   (b) living

          (c) working           (d) doing

          (e) extraordinary


4.       (i) 1911      

          (ii) received MRCP

          (iii) Dhaka (iv) BIRDEM

          (v) received Independence Day Gold Medal


5.       (a) True.

          (b) True.

          (c) True.

          (d) False. His contribution in health sector is of great importance.

          (e) False. He was born in Murshidabad, India.


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