শনিবার । ২৭ আষাঢ় ১৪২৭। ১১ জুলাই ২০২০। ১৯ জিলকদ ১৪৪১

নমুনা প্রশ্ন

পঞ্চম শ্রেণি ইংরেজি

ওয়াহিদা নার্গিস, প্রধান শিক্ষক, খিলগাঁও স্টাফ কোয়ার্টার সরকারি প্রাথমিক বিদ্যালয়, ঢাকা

২৯ মে, ২০২০ ০০:০০ | পড়া যাবে ৪ মিনিটে

[পূর্ব প্রকাশের পর]

Unit-6, Lessons (4-5)


8. Imagine, you are Rizvi/Ruba. Your friend is Tahsan/Tuli. You have made a daily routine for yourself. Now write a letter to your friend about your daily routine. 



9. Make five WH questions from the given statements by using who, what, when, where, why, which and how with the underlined word(s)     


Maria gets up early.

She works in a Bank.

Tahsan goes to school at 6 am.

We eat to live.

Sima is ill.


10. Read the instructions of what you should do if you get the flu, then answer the following questions.     


Questions :

What is needed to give your body energy?      1

What do you do if you don’t feel hungry?      2       

What should you do to prevent spread of virus?         3


11. Here is a list of cartoon programme that Suha watches every week. Write five sentences using which programme. Saturday is the first day of week.        5

12. Rearrange words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.       


bones, help, and, teeth, our, products, dairy.

down, please, sit.

friend, Bithi, are, and, Laila.

in, class, you, what, read, do?

have, made, you, daily, daily routine, a.


13. Suppose, you are Radan/Rifa you want to be a member of a library. Now you have to fill up the following from using the given information :   5






Dear Tuli

Thank you for your letter. Hope you are well. You have wanted to know about my daily routine. Now I am writing about it.

I get up at 5.30 am. Then I say my prayer. I take my breakfast at 7.00 am. I take a bath at 8.30 am. I start for school at 9.00 am. I come back home at 4.45 pm. After taking a rest, I go out to play with my friends. In the evening, I prepare my lessons and study till 9 pm. Then I take dinner at 9.30 pm. I watch TV programme and go to bed at 10.00 pm.

No more today. Write to me soon.

Yours ever


9. Who gets up early?

Where does she work?

When does Tahsan go to school?

Why do we eat?

How is Sima?


10. Some food.

Try to eat.

To prevent spread of virus, I should cover my mouth and nose with a tissue or handkerchief when I cough or sneeze and I should be careful in using my own glass or plate.


11. On Saturday Suha watches the cartoon Mina. On Sunday she watches Tom and Jerry . On Tuesday she watches Cinderrellla. On Wednesday she watches Toy story. On Friday she watches Tarzan.


12. Dairy products help our teeth and bones.

Please sit down.

Laila And Bithi are friends.

What class do you read in?

You have made a daily routine.




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