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পাঠ প্রস্তুতি

Seen Comprehension l Lesson-1 থেকে dialogue


[Seen Comprehension-এ ৩টি প্রশ্ন থাকে]

Read the text and answer the questions 1-4.

Sima : Hello! May I introduce myself ? I'm Sima .

Jessica : Hi! I'm Jessica.

Sima : Where are you going. Jessica?

Jessica :  I'm going to Chattogram . I'm on holiday with my father.

Sima : Really? Where are you from?

Jessica : I'm from the united kingdom. Are you from Dhaka?

Sima : no, I'm from Sylhet. That's where we're going. Our train is leaving in 10 minutes.

Jessica : Have a good journey.

Sima : Thank  you. Nice meeting you, Jessica. Have fun in Chattogram.

Jessica : Thanks. Nice meeting you, too, Sima.


1. Match the words of column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in column B.


2. Read the following statements, Write 'True' for correct statement or 'False' for incorrect statement.

(a) Jessica has come from the UK.

(b) Jessica has introduced herself to Sima.

(c) Sima is not pleased to meet Jessica.

(d) Both Sima and Jessica are pleased to meet each other.

(e) Jessica's father lives in Sylhet.

(f) The train will leave from the same station.

Answers : (a) True (b) False (c) False (d) True (e) False (f) True


3. Answer the following questions.

(a) What is the text about?

(b) Write three sentences about Sima and Jessica's journey.

(c) Who first came forward to be introduced?

(d) Where is Jessica going?

(e) Why is Jessica going there?

(f) When is Sima's train leaving?


Answers :

(a) The text is about an introduction between Sima and Jessica

(b) Sima is from Sylhet that's where they're going. Jessica is from the United Kingdom.

She is going to Chattogram with her father.

(c) Sima first came forward to be introduced.

(d) Jessica is going to Chattogram.

(e) Jessica is going there to enjoy her holiday.

(f) Sima's  train is  leaving in 10 minutes.


4. Write  5 sentences about 'Your last Holiday' answering the following questions.

(a)When did you get your holiday?

(b)Where did you go then?

(c) How did you go there?

(d) Whom did you go with?

(e) How did you enjoy your days?


Answer:                                                 My Holiday

On last December , we got our holiday. On those days I spent with my uncle's and aunt's in Sylhet then. It  was a  green hilly area. Many green tea garden were around the hills. I went there by train with my parents. I visited many interesting places in Sylhet.  We stayed there three days and enjoyed the days very much.


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