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Passage Narration

জেএসসি প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজি

মো. মশিউর রহমান খান, সিনিয়র শিক্ষক, ন্যাশনাল আইডিয়াল স্কুল অ্যান্ড কলেজ, বনশ্রী ক্যাম্পাস, ঢাকা

৬ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৮ ০০:০০ | পড়া যাবে ৬ মিনিটে

জেএসসি প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজি

Rewrite the following passage changing the form of speech. (Change the narrative style of the following text)

1. “Good morning, can I help you?” said the Manager. “Yes, I was told to come over here to get a parking sticker. Is this the right place?” said the lady. “Yes, it is. What’s the registration number of your car?” said the manager.


2. My mother said, “Won’t you go to school today?” I said, “Mother, I feel feverish today. I don’t want to go to school.” “Ok, take rest now. You should be more careful about your health,” said mother.


3. “My sons, listen to me. A great treasure lies hidden in the land. I am going to leave it to you.” “How will we find it?” said the sons. “You must dig the land for it,” said the old man.


4. “Why did you not go to school yesterday, Rimu?” asked the mother. “l was ill, mum.” “How are you today?” “Well,” answered the girl. “Don’t worry for me.”


5. The teacher said to the boy, “Do you think that honesty is the best policy?” The boy said, “Yes sir, I think so.” “Then learn to be honest from your boyhood,” said the teacher. “Thank you, Sir,” said the boy. “May Allah grant you a long life,” said the teacher to the boy.


6. “How lovely the doll is! I’ll buy it,” said Mona. “No, it is not durable. Tomorrow we’ll visit another village fair. Then you can buy another doll. Let’s go now,” said mother. “You must buy me a good doll,” said Mona. “Yes,” replied mother.


7. “What are you doing now, Rashed?” I said, “I am watching an interesting program on television.” “Aren’t you wasting your time?” “No, I don’t think so,” he said. “Remember, too much watching of TV makes people lazy.”


8. “Dear friend, which book do you want?” ‘A Practical English Grammar of AJ Thomson. I lost my copy yesterday,” said Oishe. “I can lend you. But return it in a week,” I said.


Answers :

1. The Manager wished good morning to the lady and asked her if he could help her. The lady replied in the affirmative and said that she had been told to go over there to get a parking sticker. She asked him if that was the right place. The Manager replied in the affirmative and said that it was. Then he asked her what the registration number of her car was.


2. My mother asked if I would not go to school that day. I told my mother that I felt feverish that day. I also added that I didn’t want to go to school. Mother said that it was okay and told me to take rest then. She also added that I should be more careful about my health.


3. The old man ordered his sons to listen to him and said that a great treasure lay hidden in the land. He added that he was going to leave that to them. The sons asked their father how they would find that. The old man replied that they had to dig the land for that.


4. The mother asked Rimu why she (R) had not gone to school the previous day. Rimu replied that she had been ill. The mother asked her (R) how she (R) was that day. The girl answered that she (R) was well and forbade her mother to worry for her (R).

The teacher asked the boy if he (b) thought that honesty is the best policy. The boy respectfully replied in the affirmative that he thought so.


5. The teacher advised him to learn to be honest from his boyhood. The boy thanked him respectfully. The teacher wished that Allah might grant him a long life.


6. Mona exclaimed with wonder that the doll was very lovely. She also added that she would buy it. Mona’s mother replied in the negative that it was not durable. She also added that they would visit another village fair the next day. Then they could buy another doll. She proposed that they should go then. Mona told her mother that she had to buy her a good doll. Mona’s mother replied in the affirmative.


7. I asked Rashed what he was doing then. Rashed said that he was watching an interesting program on television. I asked him if he was not wasting his time. Rashed replied in the negative and said that he did not think so. I told him to remember that too much watching of TV makes people lazy.


8. Addressing as dear friend I asked Oishe which book she wanted. Oishe said that she wanted ‘A Practical English Grammar of A.J. Thomson. She added that she had lost her copy the previous day. I told her that I could lend her the book burl reminded her to return that in a week.


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