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৪ মার্চ, ২০১৮ ০০:০০

Suffixes and Prefixes

[Fill in the gaps used in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text.]             8×0.5= 4

1. To become sure of doing well in the examination, you have to be attentive to studies. Regular practice can (a) sure your better performance. But if you are (b) attentive and

(c) regular you cannot expect to do so. Remember that (d) regularity will result in

(e) satisfactory performance. Our students know this. But still many of them fail to show better (f) perform because they are (g) attentive of their duties. We must remind that willful

(h) negligent is a similar to crime.

Answers : (a) ensure (b) inattentive

(c) irregular (d) irregularity (e) unsatisfactory (f) performance (g) inattentive (h) negligence

2. (a) Patriot is a noble virtue. It is an

(b) emotion love for one’s country. It is the

(c) inspire for a man to shed every drop of blood to defend the (d) liberate and dignity of the country. But patriotism should not be

(e) mere a so called slogan in the public

(f) meet to deceive the people. We should have (g) fix it in the core of our heart. We should keep (h) our in such noble virtue.

Answers : (a) Patriotism (b) emotional (c) inspiration (d) liberty (e) merely (f) meeting (g) fixed (h) ourselves

3. A day (a) labour is the who does manual labour in various fields. He is not (b) known to us. He is to be (c) health, strong and stout. He works hard from dawn to dusk for his

(d) employ. He cannot lead an (e) dependent life. He has to depend on his employer. He cannot lead a (f) peace life. He always leads a very (g) happy and (h) decent life.

Answers : (a) laborer (b) unknown (c) healthy (d) employer (e) independent (f) peaceful

(g) unhappy (h) indecent

4. Mr. Farhan is a (a) law. He (b) likes people who talk much. His clothes are (c) expensive. He (d) ways wears pants with full sleeve shirt. His hair is not straight but (e) curl. He doesn’t have a beard but he has a moustache. He is beset with (f) honest and (g) sincere. Although he is poor, he is (h) please with what he has.

Answers : (a) lawyer (b) dislikes

(c) inexpensive (d) always (e) curly (f) honesty (g) sincerity (h) pleased


5. Bangladesh is the most (a) dense populated country. This creates food problem

(b) education problem, (c) employment problem, medical problem, shelter problem

(d) environment problem. To check the

(e) normal growth of population, top most importance should be attached to education of the masses. Keeping the entire population

(f) educated it would be (g) possible to develop national (h) aware among them.

Answers : (a) densely (b) educational

(c) unemployment (d) environmental

(e) abnormal (f) uneducated (g) impossible

(h) awareness


6. A good student studies (a) regular and

(b) attentive. Inattentive and (c) regular activities are not for an (d) attention student. A good student is always serious in his activities. Lack of (e) serious is the sign of (f) lazy. Those who are lazy cannot be a good student. Everybody (g) likes them. They cannot become (h) success in life.

Answers : (a) regularly (b) attentively

(c) irregular (d) attentive (e) seriousness

(f) laziness (g) dislikes (h) successful

7. Students learn lessons and keep them in memory. If the lesson is (a) interest, it is easy for them. If it is (b) interesting they may feel it difficult to (c) memory. They also often practice (d) memorize. They should try (e) repeated for understanding. Students should be (f) mind. They should be (g) labour. They should try

(h) frequent if they fail to understand any lesson.

Answers : (a) interesting (b) uninteresting

(c) memorize (d) memorization (e) repeatedly (f) mindful (g) labourious (h) frequently

8. Man is the (a) make of his own fate. If he maintain (b) sincere and does his duty

(c) according. He can (d) sure his improvement and (e) prosper in life; but if he maintain an

(f) sincere way of life, he will (g) sure repent. It will be a (h) disaster event in his life.

Answers : (a) maker (b) sincerity

(c) accordingly (d) ensure (e) prosperity

(f) insincere (g) surely (h) disastrous

9. (a) Free is the constitutional right of man. So every man wishes to be free. We wanted freedom. But the Pakistani (b) rule wanted to keep us under (c) subjugate by all means. So the war of liberation broke out. Our freedom fighters fought with d) resistible strength of mind and came out (e) victory. (f) free is our congenital right and our (g) dependence is our most (h) glory achievement in the history of Bangladesh.

Answers : (a) freedom (b) rulers

(c) subjugation (d) irresistible (e) victorious     (f) Freedom (g) independence (h) glorious