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ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

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২২ জানুয়ারি, ২০১৮ ০০:০০

ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

Use suitable word to fill in the blanks.             (0.5×10= 5)

1. The idea of globalization has now become a (a) _____ term. Capitalism is now benefited (b) _____ . In fact, the poor countries of the world are exploited by the rich countries (c) _____ the name of help and cooperation. Globalization is widening the gap (d) _____ the rich and the poor. It has created an (e) _____ competition. Because of globalization, the rich countries are becoming richer (f) _____ the poor countries are getting poorer. It is true that globalization has (g) _____ many job opportunities for the poor countries. But globalization also (h) _____ high profit (i) _____ capital. It can bring happiness only when the capitalist rich countries will change their (j) _____ towards the poor.

Answers : a) popular, b) greatly, c) in,             d) between, e) unequal, f) and, g) created, h) brings, i) of, j) attitude.


2. E-mail has brought (a) _____ a revolutionary change (b) _____ modern communication. Messages can be sent (c) _____ one country to another (d) _____ seconds. It is far cheaper than telephone calls. (e) _____ and commerce has become greatly dependent (f) _____ this speedy mode of communication. It has, however, not reached everyone, especially (g) _____ developing countries like ours, as most people can't afford to have (h) _____ personal computer. But even (i) _____ people have started using commercially operated e-mail facilities (j) _____ different purposes.

Answers : a) about, b) in, c) from, d) within, e) Trade, f) on, g) the, h) a, i) many, j) for.

3. Computer was not invented (a) _____ . It (b) _____ time and hard labour to invent computer. Many (c) _____ of science worked for years. (d) _____ finally came out (e) _____ . In fact, computer can not work at all (f) _____ itself. It works on the (g) _____ or the command (h) _____ by a (i) _____ . It is used in our daily life for a number of (j) _____ .

Answers : a) overnight, b) took, c) experts, d) and, e) successful, f) by, g) directions, h) given, i) operator, j) purposes.


4. Though patriotism is (a) _____ universal human trait, it is often torn away (b) _____ the state herself. Poor people of (c) _____ poor country become indifferent (d) _____ their state affairs and lose the sense (e) _____ patriotism. Such people would have become as patriotic as Simon Boliver or Abraham Lincon if (f) _____ had a caring government or leader (g) _____  would make their lives a bit easier. People of (h) _____ wealthy country simply love their (i) _____ because the state provides them (j) _____ everything like shelter, education, job and security.

Answers: a) a, b) by, c) a, d) to, e) of,             f) they, g) who, h) a, i) country, j) with.


5. Traffic jam is one of (a) _____ major problems of our time. It is a very common affair (b) _____ big cities and towns. Our population has increased (c) _____ fast over the last fifty years or so. The number (d) _____ vehicles has also gone up. But our roads are not broad enough (e) _____ accommodate so many buses, trucks and cars. Slow-moving vehicles (f) _____ complications to (g) _____ problem. On top of that, our drivers are not very willing to follow traffic (h) _____ . They often become impatient and look to go ahead (i) _____ one another neglecting traffic signals. Sometimes they drive recklessly and (j) _____ horrible road accidents.

Answers : a) the, b) in, c) very, d) of, e) to, f) create, g) solve, h) rules, i) overtaking,            j)  cause.