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১৪ জানুয়ারি, ২০১৮ ০০:০০

Fill in the blanks

1. Use suitable word to fill in the blanks.                                                                     0.5×10= 5

Newspaper is an (a) _____ thing in this modern world. Newspaper is a paper that (b) _____ many necessary (c) _____ of the world. We can get it very (d) _____ and can read (e) _____ anytime and know many (f) _____ things (g) _____ in different places within (h) _____ four hours. If one (i) _____ to know about (j) _____ kinds of things, one must read newspapers.

Answers : a) important, b) carries, c) news,

d) easily, e) it, f) latest, g) happened, h) twenty,

i) wants, j) various.


2. Use suitable word to fill in the blanks.                                                                     0.5x10= 5

Independent is the birth right of (a) _____ man. But no nation can achieve it (b) _____ struggle. Our War of Independence took place (c) _____ 1971. People (d) _____ all walks of life joined the (e) _____ with a smiling face to free the country. They fought like (f) _____ brave. They did not run (g) _____ showing their backs. (h) _____ were injured while fighting. Again, many (i) _____ martyred. Today we remember them (j) _____ profound respect.

Answers : a) a, b) without, c) in, d) of, e) war,

f) the, g) away, h) Many, i) were, j) with.

3. Use suitable word to fill in the blanks.                                                                     0.5x10= 5

Trees bear a great impact (a) _____ the climate. If we destroy trees (b) _____ random, one day the country will turn (c) _____ a great desert. The country will bear the consequences of green house (d) _____. Again, there will be no rain and as a result, the country will face a great crisis because ours is                   (e) _____ agricultural country and our economy is dependent on (f) _____. Again, our agriculture is dependent (g) _____ rain. So trees play a vital (h) _____ on our climate. Trees keep the soil strong. Trees save us (i) _____ flood and many other natural (j) _____.

Answers : a) on, b) at, c) into, d) effect, e) an,                        f) agriculture, g) on, h) role, i) from,

            j) disasters.


4. Use suitable word to fill in the blanks.                                                                     0.5x10= 5

Pohela Baishakh which falls (a) _____ the middle of April is celebrated (b) _____ Bangladesh (c) _____ a traditional festival. The day (d) _____ with (e) _____ people taking (f) _____ breakfast of Pantabhat (g) _____ fried fish. Men, women and children then wear their best and rush (h) _____ fairs that are usually

(i) _____ under banyan trees or (j) _____ river fronts.

Answers : a) on, b) in, c) with, d) begins,

e) village, f) their, g) with, h) to, i) held, j) the.

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