এইচএসসি প্রস্তুতি : ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র


মো. জাকারিয়া আলম, প্রভাষক, ঢাকা রেসিডেনসিয়াল মডেল কলেজ, মোহাম্মদপুর, ঢাকা   

১৮ মার্চ, ২০১৭ ০০:০০

1. "Where did you go yesterday?" said Lipi. "I went to Chittagong to see my mother," said Mina. "She has been suffering from high blood pressure." Is she sound now?" said Rajon. "No," said Mina.

2. "Ratan, have you done your English lesson today?" asked the teacher. "Yes, Sir, I did it. But I haven't understood some grammatical points," replied Ratan. "Where is the problem?" said the teacher. "Let us try again."

3. "I've got GPA-5 in the SSC examination," said Rafiq. "Congratulation!" I said. "What do you intend to do now?" "I want to study physics, Chemistry and higher Mathematics of HSC at home."  "I'll to try to get admission in BUET after my HSC exam." Rafiq replied.

4. "Shima, can you tell me what I am teaching?" the teacher asked. "I'm sorry Sir. I can't follow," replied Shima. "You can't because you are attentive," the teacher said.

5. The teacher said to Rita, "Why are you talking in the class? You should behave yourself." Rita said, "Sir, I am sorry. The teacher said. "Be attentive and listen to my lecture. May Allah bless you."

6. "Have you offered your prayer today?" I asked to my brother. "No, I have forgotten," he said. "That's bad," I said. "We must pray every day." He said, "I am sorry. I shall always say in time." I said to him, "May Allah bless you."

7. "Do you know why you are sent to school?" "For playing with friends, father." "No, you are sent to learn and write." "But I won't read and write," replied Jack sulky. "Yes, you will."
1. Lipi asked Mina where she (m) had gone the previous day. Mina replied that she (m) had gone to Chittagong to see her (m) Mother. Mina added that she (mo) had been suffering from high blood pressure. Lipi again asked Mina if she (mo) was sound then. Mina replied in the negative.
2. The teacher asked Ratan if he had done his English lesson that day. Ratan replied that he had done it but he had not understood some grammatical points. The teacher again asked him where the problem was. He suggested that they should try again.
3. Rafiq said that she had got GPA-5 in the SSC Examination. I congratulated him. I asked him what he intended to do then. He replied that he wanted to study Physics, Chemistry and Higher Mathematics' of HSC at home. He added that he would try to get admission in BUET after his HSC exam.
4. The teacher asked Shima if she could tell him what he was teaching. Shima replied in the negative that she could not follow. The teacher then told that she could not follow because she was not attentive.

5. The teacher asked Rita why she was talking in the class and added that she should behave herself. Ratna respectfully said that she was sorry. The teacher advised her to be attentive and listen to his lecture and also wished that Allah might bless her.
6. I asked my brother if he had offered his prayer that day. He replied in the negative and said that he had forgotten. I said that was bad. I also said that we had to pray every day. He said that he was sorry and added that he would say it in time. I wished that Allah might bless him.

7. Father asked Jack if he knew why he was sent to school for playing with friends. Father replied in the negative and told him that he was sent to learn to read and write. Father asserted that he (Jack) would read and write.