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৮ মার্চ, ২০১৭ ০০:০০

Mr. Pronay Larma is the physical teacher of Rooppur High School. He is talking to his students about what are the necessary things for keeping good health. One student answered that food, proper rest and sleep, cleanliness and tidiness are the important things. Then he added that physical exercise is important. He also tells them that physical exercises are of indoor and outdoor types. In the house we can do some free hand exercises. We can do some exercises outside home.


1.  Imagine, you are Rushed. You have learnt about good health from your teacher Mr. Pronay Larma. Now write what you have learnt from your teacher about good health.


Answer : I am Rushed. My physical teacher Mr. Pronay Larma. One he asks us what things are necessary for our good health. I answered that we need healthy food, proper rest and sleep. We should also be clean and tidy. Our teacher agrees with me. He has also added another point. He tells that regular physical exercise is also necessary for good health. He also tells there are two kinds of physical exercises. They are indoor and outdoor.


2.  Imagine you are Rushad. Now make a dialogue between you and your classmate Rayeed about the necessary things of good health.

Answer : A dialogue between you and your classmate Rayeed about the necessary things for good health

Myself : Hi Rayeed, how do you like today's class?

Rayed : Oh it's very much valuable, friend.

Myself : Right we had a very fruitful discussion in the class. Our teacher Mr. Pronay has rightly said that physical exercise is also very important.

Rayed : Exactly. But the points mentioned by you are also absolutely important.

Myself : Yes, I also agree to the point of Pronay sir. Really we should take physical exercise regularly.

Rayed : Yes, sir has rightly said that the benefits of physical exercise are many.

Myself : It keeps us fit for work, gives us energy, makes us strong and cheerful.

Rayed : It is also important that we can learn regularity and discipline through physical exercise.

Myself : Really those we take physical exercises regularly can maintain regularity and are disciplined.

Rayed : This is why I have decided to take physical exercise regularly.

Myself : Me too.