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৩ ফেব্রুয়ারি, ২০১৭ ০০:০০

Read the text and answer the questions.

One day a shepherd boy felt very lonely in the jungle. He decided to have some fun. So he shouted loudly, 'Wolf! Wolf! Help!' The farmers in the neighboring area heard the boy's  cries for help. They left their work and ran to help the boy and his sheep. When they came  to the spot, they did not notice any sign of a wolf. The farmers asked the boy, "Wasn't it you who cries for help?" The boy laughed and said, 'I was just having some fun. There is no wolf here. Go away.' The farmers said angry words to the boy and went away. Next day the boy played the same trick and annoyed the farmers once again. A few days later, a wolf really came. The shepherd boy climbed up a tree and shouted for help. But no help came. Everybody thought that the stupid boy was playing his childish joke. The wolf killed many of boy's sheep. The boy felt sorry for this silly joke.


1. Write the answer on the answer paper.

i) When the wolf really came the shepherded boy did not get ¾ from others.

a) help b) food  c) sign d) indication

ii) The shepherd boy was ¾

a) hard working           b) pretender 

c) honest          d) punctual 

iii) Why did the farmers rushed to help him?

a) to rescue him           b) to make fun

c) to see the wolf         d) to rebuke him

iv) The boy liked to make people ¾

a) fool b) happy c) joyful d) sorry

v) The wolf killed the ¾

a) shepherd      b) sheep 

c) dog d) farmer

vi) The farmers were very ¾ with the boy

a) happy          b) pleased

c) angry           d) satisfied

vii) The boy had to pay the price for his ¾

a) silliness        b) wit 

c) merit            d) remark

viii) The farmers did not come to help to the shepherd boy because he annoyed them ¾

a) again and again b) once

c) on one occasion d) none

ix) The story teaches us to be ¾

a) rich  b) punctual

c) truthful        d) mindful

x) The wolf came ¾ to kill the sheep.

a) daily            b) occasionally

c) suddenly      d) weekly

Answers :

i) a) help ii) b) pretender

iii) a) to rescue him iv) a) fool

v) b) sheep vi) c) angry vii) a) silliness

viii) a) again and again

ix) c) truthful  x) c) suddenly


2. Fill in the blanks with the given words.

annoy, miserable, notice, fun, climb

(a) The shepherd boy made ---- with the villagers

(b) The boy knew how to ---- up a tree.

(c) The farmers did not --- any wolf.

(d) The shepherd liked to ---- others.

(e) The result of telling lies was----

Answers :

(a) fun, (b) climb (c) notice

(d) annoy (e) miserable


3. Answer the following question :

(a) Why did the farmers  run to the boy?

(b) What type of personality of the boy is?

(c) What did he like?

(d) Why the farmers were angry with the boy?

(e) When did the wolf really come?

Answers :

(a) The farmers ran to the boy to help him.

(b) The boy is a silly person.

(c) He liked to make people fool

(d) The farmers were angry with the boy because he annoyed them.

(e) The wolf really came one day and ate the sheep of the boy.