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Unseen passage

মো. শামীম আকতার, সহকারী শিক্ষক তেঁতুলিয়া মডেল সরকারি প্রাথমিক বিদ্যালয়, তেঁতুলিয়া, পঞ্চগড়   

১২ অক্টোবর, ২০১৬ ০০:০০

Read the given text carefully and answer the questions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


A library is a collection of books. But it is not a book-shop. It does not sell books. It is a center of learning. In the past, people had to go to a teacher to learn from him. But how easy and cheap it is to get knowledge and wisdom today! Today you can find libraries almost everywhere. These libraries are of two kinds–private and public. A private or personal library has books of the choice of only one person. So, it is not useful to all. But public libraries are meant for all. They have books to suit different tastes. Our schools and colleges have libraries of their own. Such libraries are meant for students and teachers only. There is a librarian who looks after everything in the library and issues books to the students. There are also daily newspapers to study the current affairs of the country as well as the world which broaden our mental horizon. We can fulfill our unquenchable thirst for knowledge by a library. A library is a sacred place. We must have respect for this sacred place. It is not fit place for talks or discussions.


Write only answer on the answer paper.

1. i.  A library is the collection of —.

  a) books                           b) pencils

c) pens                               d) khatas

ii.Why is a library a store house of knowledge?

a) Because a man can earn money from the library.

 b) Because a man can fulfill his unquenchable thirst from the library.

 c) Because a library sells books.

 d) Because a library arranges huge books.

iii. Who is the caretaker of a library?

a) a librarian

b) head teacher

c) student

d) clerk

iv. Except reading books why do people go to the library?

 a) to gossip           

b) to play

c) to read newspaper

d) to take rest

v.By reading newspaper you can know the current affairs of your —.

a)  district

b)  division

c)  country

d)  country as well as the world.

vi. Where can you find a library?

a) In district town

b) in big cities

c) almost everywhere

d) in remote area

vii. Which library is useful to all?

 a) Personal library

b) public library

c) private library

d) school library

viii.What is a library? Collection of —.

a) books

b)  houses

c)  teaching aids

d) stationeries

ix.‘Library’ Which part of speech is it?

 a) Noun

b) pronoun

c) adverb

d) adjective

x. In the past people had to go to — to learn.

 a) a landlord

b) a leader

c) a teacher

d) a businessman


2. Fill in the blanks with the given words ( 3 more words are there)

 a) A library is the treasure house of —.

 b) In a library room students are not — to talk.

c) — looks after the library.

d) A library is a place where books are kept for —.

e) A student can — books from the library.

3.Answer the following question in sentence(s).

 a) What is a store house of knowledge?

 b) How many kinds of libraries do we find? What are they?

c) Who can go to a library?

 d) Which libraries are meant for all?

e) Write the necessity of a library in two sentences.

4. Write at least five sentences about ‘A Library’.

5.Suppose, you are Miti/Habib living in thana road, Bogra. Your friend is Ahon who lives in Khulna. Now, write a letter to your friend about importance of reading books. Your letter should have — a heading, greeting, body, closing and a signature.



1. (i) a) books (ii) b) because a man can fulfill his unquenchable thirst from the library. (iii) a)  a  librarian (iv) c) to read newspaper (v) d) country as well as the world (vi) c) almost everywhere (vii) c) public library (viii) a) books (ix) a) Noun (x) c) a teacher GoBack : GoBack

2. a) knowledge b) permitted c) A librarian d) reading e) borrow

3. a) A library is the store house of knowledge.

    b) There are two kinds of libraries we find. They are private or personal and public.

    c) Normally everybody can go to a library.

     d) Public libraries are meant for all.

     e) A library is called the store house of knowledge. A man can fulfill his unquenchable thirst by a library. So a library is necessary for us to broaden our mental horizon.

4. A Library

 A library is a store house of knowledge. A well-stocked library is an asset to all. Library is a room where the books on different subjects are kept. There are also newspaper to study current affairs of the world. A library broadens our mental horizon.


Thana road, Bogra                                                                                                                          

17 Septmber 2016

Dear Ahon,

I received your letter. Hopping that you are well  by the grace of Allah. We are also fine. However, you wanted to know about the importance of reading books. Now, I am telling you about it.

It is saying that The more you read, the more you learn. If you read more, you gain the knowledge and experience. Everyone knows that book plays an important role in our life. Books are our best friends in a real sense. They demand nothing from us. They give us plenty of joy. Books are store house of information.

We must avoid reading bad books. We should be very careful while we select books. Remember that a good book develops our qualities. No more today.


Yours ever,