ষষ্ঠ শ্রেণি ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র


মুহম্মদ মাছুম বিল্লাহ, সাবেক অধ্যাপক সিলেট, মির্জাপুর ও কুমিল্লা ক্যাডেট কলেজ এবং রাজউক উত্তরা মডেল কলেজ, ঢাকা   

১৮ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৬ ০০:০০

1. A : What’s your idea about food adulteration?

B : It’s (a) — very dangerous thing today.

A : Yes, almost all kinds of food are adulterated by (b) — dishonest businessmen.

B : But they don’t think how much harm they are doing to (c) — customers and countrymen.

A : They mix different kinds of harmful chemical and colours with food.

B : And (d) — people who eat this food meet (e) — untimely death.

A : So, these (f) — dishonest businessmen must be punished.

B : Of course. And (g) — government must stop all (h) — sources of these chemicals and colours.

A : I do agree with you.


Answers :

(a) a

(b) the

(c) the

(d) the

(e) an (f) ×

(g) the (h) the


2. A : Can you remember your first day at school?

B : Yes. It’s (a) — memorable day in my life. I am sure you also can remember (b) — day you first stepped into school.

A : Definitely. Everybody remembers this day in his/her life.

B : I had been waiting (c) — long time for entering into school. I heard many stories about school from my elder brothers and sisters.

A : So, they had (d) — advantage of moving about with (e) — air of superiority.

B : Right. Anyway, my desired day came on 12 January in 2009. I went to school with my (f) — mother. (g) — headmaster greeted me first in his room. I found many boys and girls walking and running in the veranda and in the field.

A : (h) — unknown teacher entered the headmaster’s room and told me ‘‘How are you boy?” But I could not answer as I got afraid.

B : What about your school now?

A : Now it is a favourite place for me.

B : That’s nice.


Answers :

(a) a (b) the (c) a

(d) the (e) an (f) ×

(g) The (h) An


3. A : Can you tell me something about school magazine?

B : Yes. It’s (a) — periodical published by (b) — school. Some schools publish it every year, whereas some schools publish it after two or three years.

A : I think our school should publish a magazine also.

B : I also think so. It teaches us many things. A magazine contains (c) — writings of students and teachers.

A : So, it increases (d) — creativity of the students.

B : Exactly. So, we should request our headmaster sir to publish a magazine this year. We will also propose him to form (e) — committee for this purpose.

A : (f) — ex-student can be (g) — adviser to the magazine.

B : Our (h) — headmaster sir should be the chief adviser.

A : Right.

B : Thank you.

A : Welcome.


Answers :

(a) a (b) a

(c) the

(d) the

(e) a (f) An

(g) an

(h) ×