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মো. জয়নাল আবেদীন, প্রধান শিক্ষক ইব্রাহিমপুর সরকারি প্রাথমিক বিদ্যালয়, ঢাকা   

১ সেপ্টেম্বর, ২০১৬ ০০:০০

Read the text carefully and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 & 4

The next day was awful. Babul's family couldn't stop crying. Nipa and grandfather were gone. Babul's father went out to look for them. He found Nipa in a field. She was holding into a tree and she was covered in mud. She didn't remember anything. He took Nipa at home and began looking for grandfather. He looked in the fields, the building and in the trees. Many people in Bangladesh were missing after cyclone Aila, and Babul's grandfather was one of them. The family never found him. After cyclone Aila, people worked together. Nipa's school became the shelter for the survivors. Babul and his family went to live in the school. The government of Bangladesh and NGOs came to help but things were very hard. There wasn't enough safe drinking water or food, so many people became ill. In time, people repaired their homes and rebuilt their villages and bridges. They planted new trees and new crops in their fields. Babul feel happy when he looks at the trees and his sister Nipa, but he feels sad about his grandfather. His grandmother say, "Don't be sad, Babul. Grandfather wants us to live for the future."


1.         Write only the answer on the answer paper.    1×10 = 10

            (i) How was the next day?

            (a) delightful    (b) dreadful

            (c) happy         (d) rainy

            (ii) What happened to Babul's grandfather?

            (a) was alive    (b) was in field

            (c) was at home           (d) was dead

            (iii) Where was Nipa covered?

            (a) in mud        (b) in a field

            (c) in a house   (d) on a tree

            (iv) Many people's illness was due to lack of¾.

            (a) pure drinking water

            (b) good food  (c) ignorance

            (d) superstition

            (v) He looked in the field. The present form of "looked" is ¾.

            (a) looking       (b) look

            (c) look for      (d) to look

            (vi) To overcome the tough time who helped the affected people?

            (a) government            (b) NGO

            (c) both a & b  (d) none

            (vii) Babul's father went out to look for them. What kind of parts of speech "for"?

            (a) adverb        (b) adjective

            (c) preposition             (d) noun

            (viii) What does 'NGO' mean?

            (a) Non Government Organization

            (b) National Garments Org.

            (c) New Generation Organization

            (d) None of these.

            (ix) Babul feels happiness looking at ¾.

            (a) Nipa           (b) grandfather

            (c) grandmother           (d) the trees & his sister Nipa.

            (x) Cycle Aila took away ¾.

            (a) many lives  (b) Babul's grandmother

            (c) some people of Bangladesh

            (d) some NGO workers


2.         Match the words of the column A with their meaning mentioned in column B.

            1×5 = 5


3.         Answer the following question.           2×5 = 10

            (a) When were many people in Bangladesh missing?

            (b) What did people do after the Aila?

            (c) Where did people find shelter after Aila?

            (d) Why did many people become ill?

            (e) Who came to help after the cyclone?

4.         Write short composition on "Situation after Aila" by answering the following question.                     10

            (a) What is Aila?

            (b) When did it attack?

            (c) What did people do after cyclone?

            (d) How many people was missing?

            (e) Who helped the affected people?