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১১ মার্চ, ২০১৬ ০০:০০

1. Preposition through letters

Abid is describing his first day at school to his friend. Choose the correct preposition and fill in the gaps.


on, in, with, to, up, of, at


Dear Ashik,

You wanted me to write (a) — you about my first day at school. It is a memorable day (b) ¾ my life. (c) — that day my father took to me Hazi Bari Primary School. I was afraid (d) — see so many unknown faces. But the smiling face (e) — the headmaster put me (f) — ease. He asked my name and the name of my village. I answered them and then I went to my new class (g) — Mr. Hamid. Mr. Hamid was our Bengali teacher. I was in the school (h) — to 4p.m. that day. Still I remember the day.

Hope to learn from you the same topic soon.



Answers :

(a) to (b) in (c) on

(d) to (e) of (f) at

(g) with (h) up


2. Lovely is writing to her friend how they celebrated Pahela Baishakh in their school . Choose the correct preposition  and fill in the gaps.


from, for, around, up, in, of, on


Dear Nira,

You asked me to let you know how we observed the Pahela Baishakh (a) — our school. We celebrated the day (b) — a befitting manner. (c) — the occasion of this day, we decorated the school premises tastefully. A group (d) — volunteers worked a lot. Some girls (e) — the senior classes arranged a fair. Another group set (f) — shops and stalls (g) — the visitors. The fair was an attraction for the children. They gathered (h) — the fair and bought many things.

Overall we celebrated the day very nicely.



Answers :

(a) in (b) in (c) on (d) of

(e) from (f) up (g) for

(h) around


3. Khairul is telling a story to his cousin about greediness for money. Choose the correct preposition and fill in the gaps.


in, away, for, of, with, into


Dear Arif,

Today I like to tell you a story. It teaches us that we must not have much greed (a) — money. Abbas was a rickshawpuller (b) — the city (c) — Dhaka. One day he bought a lottery ticket (d) — a booth. Then he was eagerly waiting (e) — the lottery drawing day. The day came and he saw his name in the newspaper. He burst (f) — tears. Then he started making plan after plan what to do (g) — the money. It means that money took (h) — his happiness.


Thank you for today.



Answers : 

(a) for (b) in (c) of

(d) from

(e) for (f) into

(g) with

(h) away