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২১ মার্চ, ২০১৯ ০০:০০ | পড়া যাবে ৩ মিনিটে

Seen comprehension

Unit-4 থেকে lesson-1-2

Read the given text and answer the questions.

Tamal : Hi, my friend! Nasreen and I are reporters for the English club magazine . Would you mind answering some questions?

Sima : Sure. No problem. It’s my pleasure.

Tamal : Could you tell me your name and which class you are in?

Sima : I’m Sima. I’m in class 5.

Tamal : How do you spend your leisure time, Sima?

Sima : Well, I like to walk in the park. I also like to sing. My cousin lives in the UK. Sometimes, I talk to her and her friends on the internet.

Nasreen: So, talking on the internet keeps you connected.

Sima : That’s right.

Tamal : (to Biju) Hello! Can I ask you the same questions?

Biju : My name’s Biju and I’m in class Five, too. I love swimming. It keeps me fit. I also like painting. I’m not very good, but painting makes me happy.

Tamal : What about reading? Do either of you like reading?

Biju : I do. I often read magazines in my free time. I like magazines about sports, especially football and cricket.

Sima : Oh, I like to read, too. I love reading funny stories, especially stories of Nasiruddin Hojja.

1. Match the wards in column A with their similar meaning in column B.

Answer :

(a+3) Scentless _ having no scent.

(b+5) Abundantly _ in large quantities

(c+1) Favourite _ preferred before all others of the same kind.

(d+6) Spread _ to extend over a large area.

(e+4)Decorate _ to make something look more attractive.


2. Read the following statements, Write “True’ for correct statement or ‘False’ for incorrect statement.

(a) Tamal makes reports for English Club Magazine.

(b) Biju loves reading magazines.

(c) Tamal asks Biju different questions.

(d) In leisure Sima walks in the park.

(e) Tamal and Nasreen are reporters.

(f) Biju likes all kinds of magazines.

Answer : (a) True (b) True (c) False (d) True (e)True (f) False


3. Answer the following the questions.           

(a) Who are the reporters?

(b) Which magazine are they reporting for?

(c) What does Sima do in her leisure time?

(d) Who is answering the reporter’s questions?

(e) What is another way to say leisure time?

(f) Which things does Biju like? Write three sentences

Answer :

(a) Tamal and Nasreen are the reporters.

(b) They are reporting for the English Club Magazine.

(c) Sima walks in the park, sings songs and sometimes talks to her cousin on the internet in her free time.

(d) Sima is answering the reporters questions.

(e) Pastime is another name of leisure time.

(f) Biju likes painting. He likes to read magazines in his free time. He likes magazines about sports, especially football and cricket.