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Seen Comprehension l Lesson-1 থেকে dialogue


Read the text and answer the questions 1-4.

Sima and Tamal are in the Town Hall Language Club. They come to the club to practise speaking English. They listen to CDs and watch DVDs in English or speak English with friends. Today there is a new person in the club. He is a young man. He is reading a book about Bangladesh .

Sima : Look, Tamal! Who's that gentleman? Do you know him?

Tamal : Yes, That's Andy Smith. He's working with an NGO here. I met him yesterday at the


Sima : Mat be we can practice our English with him.

Tamal : Good idea. Come, I'll introduce you to him. Come with me.

1. Match the words in column A with their meanings in column B.

Answers :

(a) Club _ (iii) an association of persons for regular meeting

(b) Practise _ (vii) do any work regularly.

(c) Watch _ (i)  look with attention

(d) Person _ (v) a human being

(e) Young _ (vii) being in the first period of growth


2. Read the following statements, Write 'True' for correct statement or 'False' for incorrect statement.

(a) Sima and Tamal speak English with friends.

(b) Sima does not know the gentleman.

(c) Both Sima and Tamal practise speaking English.

(d) Tamal knew Andy Smith earlier.

(e) Tamal met the gentleman near the bookshop.

(f) Sima will introduce Tamal to Andy Smith.

Answers : (a) True (b) True (c) True (d) False (e) True (f) False

3. Answer the following questions.

(i) Where are Sima and Tamal?

(ii) Who is the new person there?

(iii) Write three sentences about what Tamal and Sima do in the Town Hall Language Club.

(iv) Where does Andy work?

(v) Where did Tamal meet the new person?

(vi) Why does Sima want to meet the new person?

Answers :

(i) Andy and Tamal are  at the Town Hall Language Club.

(ii) The new person is Andy smith.

(iii) Tamal and Sima practise speaking English in the Town Hall Language Club.

They listen to CDs and watch DVDs in English. The also practise English with friends.

(iv) Andy works with an NGO.

(v) Tamal met the new person at the bookshop.

(vi) Sima wants to meet the new person so that they can practise their English with him.


4. Write short composition on 'A language club' by answering the following questions.

(i) What is a language club?

(ii) Do you have any language club in your locality?

(iii) What purpose does the club serve?

(iv) What are the equipments found there in the club?

(v) What are the importance of the club?

Answer :

Language club

Language club is a place where different languages are taught. We have a language club in our locality. It is located near the public library. Learners usually come here for practising the target language with others. It contains special equipments to help the learners acquire foreign languages. They listen to tapes or CDs. Watch movies on DVDs or practise speaking the language. The importance of language club is obviously great. It helps the learners to learn any foreign languages properly. So, language club plays a vital role in learning foreign language properly.